RELICS High-z Galaxies

High-Redshift Galaxies

RELICS delivered 323 candidates at z ~ 6 – 10, galaxies likely observed 1 billion to 500 million years after the Big Bang (Salmon et al. 2018, 2020). These include the brightest objects known in the first billion years: galaxies at z ~ 6 lensed to 24th magnitude or brighter. And the 2.5" long z ~ 10 arc is the only well-resolved galaxy known in the first 500 million years, which will enable us to study its inner structure and kinematics in the near future with ALMA and JWST. We expect to confirm the z ~ 10 redshift by detecting [OIII] 88 µm in upcoming ALMA observations (PI Tamura).

First identified in Hubble images, analysis of Spitzer images was crucial to vet our z ~ 10 candidates and has enabled us to measure physical characteristics (including stellar masses and ages) for all of our high-redshift candidates (Strait et al. 2020a, 2020b). Our complete catalog of Hubble + Spitzer photometry and inferred properties of 207 galaxies from Strait et al. 2020b is available on Github.

High-Redshift Catalog

Below is the complete catalog of 323 z ~ 6 – 10 candidates published in (Salmon et al. 2018, 2020). The first column includes links to webpages for each individual object. Scroll down and right to see the full table. See legend below.

Also see the high-z candidates labeled on the color images and on an interactive plot of redshift vs. magnitude.

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  • z = photometric redshift average from BPZ and EAZY (or maximum if they differ by >1)
  • bright_mag = brightest magnitude observed in any filter
  • zbpz = photo-z from BPZ (Bayesian Photometric Redshifts)
  • zbmin = BPZ lower limit (95% confidence)
  • zbmax = BPZ upper limit (95% confidence)
  • zb>4.5 = BPZ result when forced to > 4.5
  • zez = photo-z from EAZY (with flat prior)
  • zezmin = EAZY lower limit (95% confidence)
  • zezmax = EAZY upper limit (95% confidence)
  • zez>4.5 = EAZY result when forced to > 4.5
  • (x,y) = pixel coordinates in reduced HST images
  • fwhm = Full Width Half Maximum (arcsec)
  • area = Isophotal area (pixels)
  • (B435, eB435) = AB magnitude and uncertainty in F435W (99 = non-detection), etc.